#Gaza: Notes on Aid, cease-fire, threat and future

In 9 days Israel has killed over 230 Palestinian civilian in Gaza, because they threaten Israel’s national security. How? They hide weapons under their homes- says Israel. Buying that story, tell me:

What kind of weapons can you hide under a hospital, orphanage or a nursing home for elders?! Where on earth will you bury weapons on the clear sea shore where kids play football…

It’s not inhuman, well, no body is expecting from Israel to be any human after continues murder over more than 68 years; it’s insane to bomb such areas.

On the other hand, stupid UN councils are asking for 6 hours of cease fire from Israel in order to allow them to provide AID!

What AID for God’s sake are you going to enter?! Where are you going to put it? There is no place in #Gaza that’s safe from Israel. There is no place in Gaza that is safe that they bombarded the sea shore killing kids that the pilot of the F-16 would have clearly seen!

If you have been believing that #Hamas is hiding weapons under civilian houses and allowed the mass killing for years, tell me how are you going to tolerate the air raids targeting hospitals?

Where are Gaza’s people supposed to go when their houses are bombed? They should head to the UNRWA’s schools in Gaza, one of which was bombed itself a few days ago in Jabalia.

Where is the UN going to place its aid?! The graves are the safest – YET.

FOUR children under the age of TEN (10) were killed today on the sea shore for playing football and threatening Israel. A nursing home for elders was bombed today for the fifth time since Friday for threatening Israel. Civilian houses are bombarded daily for threatening Israel. Today, over 30 civilians have died in Gaza. Over 1600 are injured – since the raids started and some are dying.


Of course, after a treaty is signed with the supervision of the UN and the meditation of Sisi’s Egypt of which killed 2660 in one day, over 4000 since July 3rd 2013; the amazing caring UN will send detectives to determine what has really happened, then ignore the report just like the 2008th report.

Gaza, the stripe of the Palestinian occupied land, with more than 1 million personal living on it. A few, called “Hamas” part of “Al moqawma” – Resistance, take the responsibility of protecting this million. Al moqawma is the same like Gorilla groups supported all around the world if they are fighting the big monster of “communism”; but they are called terrorists because people who hate communism are the same who love Israel are the same who have the strongest vote in all UN councils.

On the other hand is the peaceful occupier “Israel” who just wants to live in peace and defend its land. It’s land that has been declared in the UN in 1948, which doesn’t include 1967 lands of which the Palestinian state was declared in the UN last year; but even that, Israel doesn’t take for real, as the military draws its borders everywhere in Palestine but Gaza, as shown in the video below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5_kF_bwnWo]
In between is an international community that is so inhuman just like Israel that most of them condemn the Resistance for resisting, then condemn Israel for killing them and civilians hard – they should have killed them kindly somehow. And finally, ask for a 6 hours cease fire to enter its aid, then let Israel continue murdering as it pleases, we’ve done what we should.

Realism says: kill them before they kill you. Did anyone ask what effect would “them” being killing me for over 68 years would have on such a theory? What would these young women in pic (2) teach their children after watching their cousins in pic (1) die out of Israeli shelling on the sea shore; for playing football?


Pic (1)
Pic (1)
pic (2)
pic (2)

There is not enough humanity in the world to save Gaza, nothing but power shall stop Israel.

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